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CLUB Dingwall Academy S1 pupils grill Coyle & O'Brien in press conference

S1 pupils from Dingwall Academy visited the club this week to conduct a press conference with Manager, Owen Coyle, and midfielder, Jim O'Brien. The pupils - from Mrs Davidson's S1 English class - visited the club accompanied by Davidson and Depute Rector Middle School, Mr MacIntosh, as part of an assignment to write an article based on interviews with the manager and player.

The questions started out straightforward enough but soon the manager and midfielder were probed about their favoured formations, favourite players and even their salaries! "It was hugely successful," said Davidson. "Owen and Jim were superb interviewees and the pupils really enjoyed the experience."

"The pupils did great," said Jim O'Brien. "They certainly put us on the spot with a few questions we are not being used to being asked! All the questions were really good and they had clearly done their research. We can't wait to see the articles they are going to write based on the press conference."

"It was great to get the pupils in to run their own press conference," said club communications manager, Andrew Ross. "They were really professional and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few of them back in years to come as full-time football journalists."