Unacceptable Conduct

The Scottish Professional Football League has instigated an initiative on UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT. This initiative makes it the responsibility of the club regarding the conduct of their supporters at both home and away games.

The list of offences is extensive but includes disorderly conduct, damage to the fabric of a stadium, using threatening or abusive words towards any group or gender. Colour or race, nationality, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. Transgender identity or disability. Also included are chants or songs of a racist, sectarian or of a grossly offensive nature and using words, conduct or displaying any writing or other thing which indicates support for, or affiliation to, or celebration of, or opposition to an organisation proscribed in terms of the Terrorism Act 2000'.

There is no list of banned songs or chants but the Safety Officer, Match Commander, SPFL Delegate, referee or the opposition club may report any of the above. Sanctions against the club can mean an official warning, a fine, ordering the game to be replayed or as a last resort the loss of points. We would ask fans to be mindful of this initiative as the club will take strong action against any supporter who brings the club into disrepute including a total ban from Victoria Park.

Fans are reminded that Victoria Park has a strict No Smoking Policy.

We kindly ask all supporters not to stand in the seated areas in the stadium during play.


Code Of Conduct

Ross County is committed to protecting the safety of all fans attending our football matches.

We aim to promote a friendly and welcoming environment and ask all fans to respect the following code of conduct when travelling to or attending any match the club is involved in.

Members of the public are asked to adhere to an acceptable code of conduct in compliance with the rules and regulations of the SFA and SPFL.

The following behaviour is not acceptable within the Global Energy Stadium:

If you contravene any of the above, the stewards and police are authorised to remove you from the stadium.

We expect our own fans to respect this code of conduct when attending away matches.

Fans code of conduct displayed prominently at Victoria Park

Ross County Fans Code of Conduct


Prohibited items

Supporters are not permitted to enter the Global Energy Stadium whilst in possession of the following items:

If you contravene the above, the stewards and police are authorised to confiscate the articles or deny you entry to the stadium

Again, we expect our own fans to respect these regulations when travelling to and visiting other stadiums.

Prohibited items signage displayed prominently at Victoria Park

Ross County prohibited items