The Stadium Layout & Where to go


The aerial photo above should give you a feel for the general layout of the Global Energy Stadium and if you are unsure of where to go then always head straight for the Main Reception where we’ll be happy to help.

A common question from new or occasional Ross County or neutral fans is where we recommend them to buy tickets for. All areas have of course got toilet and catering facilities but as a general summary we include the following notes when buying tickets online.

The Jailend South Stand- located behind the goals, the South Stand does not offer such a good view of the game but is traditionally the noisy section of the home support. Popular with fans who've been coming to the ground for longer than they'd care to remember and the younger generation of Staggies alike.

The East Stand - running down the touchline, the East Stand offers a great view of the game although as it is accessed by walking along the rear of the Jailend South Stand to turnstiles 13 - 16, it is less suited for fans with mobility issues. The "Original" East Stand is located more centrally and offers great views of the game, whilst the "Extension" (added in 2012) is closer to the noisy Jailend Support.

The West Stand - running down the touchline, the West Stand offers good views of the game as well as being the stand most sheltered from the elements and is also the most easily accessible stand for fans with limited mobility as it is closest to the town. Effectively split down the middle by the tunnel and camera positions, we recommend the "Original" section for fans who want to be closer to the noisy support of the Jailend, while the "New" section offers better toilet and tea bar facilities and tends to be popular with families as well as fans with limited mobility.

The North (Away) Stand - although it is located behind the goals, having only been built in 2012 the Away Stand offers excellent views of the game as well as being well catered for in terms of toilets and catering facilities. Access is via turnstiles 1 - 4 and for those unfamiliar with the ground, when arriving at the ground over the Railway Bridge from the town centre the North Stand is at the far end of the ground.